Sweet Home Divided Whiskey


This whiskey is Austin W. Creel’s pride and joy as he brings his version of an Alabama-style whiskey to the world. Austin mashes Alabama yellow corn out of Hamilton, Alabama where his family farms and blends it with malted rye and malted barley to bring an extremely smooth whiskey.

Finished by charring pecan wood chips after pulling the spirit out of American White Oak barrels to bring a sweet, unique front note and finish that makes it a whiskey like no other.

SHS released Batch #3 back in January of 2023. This batch is a three-barrel blend of just under 16 months aged. This batch has a strong sweet nose from Hamilton’s corn and finishes extremely well due to the 32% blend of malted barley and malted rye. Truly an Alabama-Style whiskey, however it drinks a lot like a scotch due to the yellow row corn used.

Batch #4 will be released May, 2024 as a four-barrel blend and just over 2 years aged in the barrels. Austin is truly excited for this batch as it will have the aging notes needed to mellow out the strong, sweet nose from the yellow corn used. After this batch, Austin will be sourcing from a malt house out of Cullman, AL that sources excellent local ingredients for whiskey production. He will be using 15 gallon barrels that will reduce the time needed to bring a robustly aged product and will release Batch #5 in 2025 as the Sweet Home United (Red, White, and Blue Corn!)

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Weight 3 lbs

Made in Leeds, Alabama


750 ML

Item Detail

ABV: 42%
Proof: 84
Alabama ABC Product #: A007701

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes: Charred pecans, with hints of maple syrup, spice, earth and smoke.

21% RYE ǀ 11% MALTED BARLEY ǀ 68% CORN