Sweet Home Vodka


Fresh mountain air with faint hints of floral and sweet notes on the nose lead you into a lovely, soothing warm corn and buttery mouthfeel and a perfectly timed finish. Our 100% corn vodka is three times filtered after a 10x distillation process. We have put a lot of time and distillation to make our vodka as smooth as can be and we have really created a nice product.

In fact, blind tastings have shown Sweet Home Vodka as the preferred spirit over other highly considered premium brands. This is largely due to the time and extra steps we take in distillation. This extra effort removes any lingering vodka after taste that often taints other premium brands.

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Weight 3 lbs

Made in Leeds, Alabama


750 ML

Item Details

ABV: 40%
Proof: 80
Alabama ABC Product #: A007609
Georgia Eagle Rock Product #: 751807

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes: Faint floral and sweet notes. Soothing, buttery mouthfeel and a perfectly timed finish.